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Common immigration mistakes to be avoided

Common immigration mistakes to be avoided

When an individual apply for the immigration, there are many things that must be avoided because they can result is the serious troubles like never reunite with the family, loss of the application and the application  as well and being deported from the immigrant country. So, here are the few common immigration mistakes which must be avoided when seeking Australian immigration from Dubai.

Provide incorrect information: It is essential for you to provide and mention the right information when you apply for the immigration benefits. Because when you provide the incorrect information it can lead to the rejection of your application. Don’t use the fraudulent information to get the immigration benefits. Remember that a person can get the immigration benefits after being verified from the home country so it is essential to fill the form with right information.

Late response to immigration queries: If the immigration services want to get more your essential documents from you, they send you an email to get the required documents. So it is necessary for you to provide them with the original documents before the deadline. Ignoring the email or delaying in the response can be the cause of rejection of your Australian visa Dubai application.  

Filling application without the fee: A person can apply for the immigration by paying the immigration application fee. But on the few applications fee waiver is mentioned for those who can’t afford the application fee. If you want to apply for the immigration application fee waiver then you must have to attach the application with it for fee waiver. If any document is missing or the application is not in the right way then you application for fee waiver and immigration can be cancelled because they don’t precede the incomplete applications.

Send application to the wrong office: The instruction form must be attached with the immigration application properly. The address on which the application is to be sent is clearly mentioned on the instruction form so read it carefully. The application must be sent to the right address to avoid any delay or the risk of application rejection.

Not everyone who applies is successful: All the people who apply for the immigration are not selected because of many reasons. Most of the people are not eligible for the immigration but they apply because their family members and friends got immigration benefits. Read the immigration eligibility criteria carefully and then apply.