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As you know everything in this world has two aspects to it, one being the positive aspect and the other being the negative aspect. Even though you can find a number positive aspects and benefits of being a vet but it does not disregard the fact that it has some cons to its name as well. People consider these facts before going to the vet hospital Dubai. These disadvantages are sometimes to such an extent that some people actually consider to back off from the career. But this usually happens to people who are not as much enthusiastic as the others. Even the very best vet Dubai has to face these things in their day to day lives. In this article we will be telling you all about these cons that come with the field of veterinary.

Lengthy training

Becoming a veterinary is not an overnight job. You need to invest a lot of hard work, patience and time in order to be able to practice in this field. This usually takes around 5 years and that is just the formal education that you get. The trainings and house jobs come after that phase where you usually have to invest another year or two. This whole process makes it very lengthy and time consuming to become a vet.

Physically demanding work

Being a vet is a very physically demanding job. Since there are not as many vets in a hospital as there are other doctors, the vets usually have to stay up late and work for long hours. This usually gets very exhausting as to serve there for a long period of time. And usually a vet’s job is all standing, this fact makes it even worse. And the story does not just end here, there is also a threat of getting personal injury during any sort of procedure during the checkup. The animals may scratch or bite which can lead to some pretty worse conditions for the doctor itself.


This is one of the worst things a vet has to face. The grief and sorrow of the owners also affect the doctor as well. This could sometimes take a toll on the vet.