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Things that you need to know while preparing for an IELTS test

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In this article, we will first discuss the test format of the IELTS exams because if you don’t know the format of test how are going to prepare yourself.

Test format of IELTS exams

We will describe the test format used by the worldwide English language testing system IELTS in this post so that you can get a head start and get an edge. Before being admitted, it is necessary to understand how the IELTS exam system works. We already know that the IELTS test is divided into four sections: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Three of your tests will be administered on the same day. Reading, writing, and listening are included in these three assessments. Between and throughout the tests, the participants are not allowed any breaks. The fourth and final examination follows. This test’s duration is determined by your local settings. It will be conducted roughly a week before these three tests, or it will be conducted after these tests have been completed.

Video call speaking test

IELTS has added a new function in light of the current scenario. IELTS now offers prospective applicants the convenience of an online or video call speaking examination, allowing them to complete their final and final exam from the comfort of their own homes. The candidates are judged on the same criteria. The content, scoring, timing, level of difficulty, question style, and security arrangements are identical to those used in the official IELTS speaking tests. A trained IELTS speaking examiner will administer this online speaking test. By providing an interface similar to that of a video call, this function also fulfils the criteria of being face to face with your examiner. This test is currently unavailable in all countries around the world.

Tips to prepare for IELTS exams

All applicants who have applied for an IELTS course are given study materials and other resources to help them prepare. The candidate is also given the benefit of having access to all of these tools and study materials at no cost. As a result, the applicants will not have to spend any further money on these items. Furthermore, because these extras, such as study materials and other resources, are offered by the British Council, they are guaranteed to be genuine. These items will ensure that you are fully prepared for the IELTS exam.