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Over time, infertility in men and women is increasing due to many reasons. Therefore the demand of fertility clinic and doctors are rising day by day. But the question is that how to right person for the treatment? Here are some tips that will help you find the best fertility clinic for female or male infertility treatment in Dubai.

Board certification:

The first thing that you need to consider when choosing a reliable fertility doctor is their board and training certification.  Look for their qualification and infertility reproduction training in this field. Make sure they are certified with the reproduction endocrinologists’ board, which represents fertility doctors in the medical field. Some doctors use the term “fertility specialist” without having any license or credential. So beware of such doctors.


Getting fertility expertise requires years of experience in this profession. One of the best ways to get an insight into fertility experience is their past track records. Ask them to shows the success rate of their past clients. Ask them to give you references for those patients. By contacting past patients, you can learn about their treatment styles and credibility in this field. Ask them how much time it took to conceive pregnancy? How they perform IVF treatment? Did you experience any side effects? The answer to these questions can help you narrow down the search.

Consider society for assisted reproductive technology reports:

The society for assisted reproductive technology is the best platform where you can get unbiased detail and information from fertility specialists. This technology keeps record of Fertility clinic without any exaggeration. SART provide you fact and figures of all specialists including their success rates.

Center of Excellence:

Center of excellence is the best place where you can find reliable fertility doctors that are proficient in their job. They can bring excellent outcomes with their professional treatment. They have a proven track record of their performance that speaks of their skills and expertise.

Do they have their Andrology or Embryology labs?

Some fertility clinics do not have their Andrology or Embryology labs. They have to outsource labs for certain testing, which can take enough time for results. However, Well-reputed fertility doctors do not compromise their credibility. Moreover, it also shows their intensity toward their profession.

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