June 19, 2024

How to hire a good helicopter?

2 min read

There are a few companies that are providing the facility to everyone that general public can get a helicopter tour Dubai in their helicopters or these people can easily get a helicopter on rent when they want. To take a Heli Dubai you need to be sure that you are really eligible for that and you can get the criteria for eligibility here:

You need to know about how to fly the Heli especially when you are going to get that without the pilot from the company. You cannot just go there and say that you know how to fly, but you need to get the certificate in that and show them otherwise they will not trust your words and they force you to take their pilot with you otherwise they will not give you their helicopter as it is not a cheap thing which they hand over to you without any investigation. You have to be careful while going to take for rent because they may ask you to show your flying skills at the moment and if you fail to fly that in a good way then they will refuse to give you their helicopter.

It is better to know about flying but you also need to know about how and from where to get fuel for that. In this, you have to do a talk with the service owner and ask them if they have filled the tank for you so you will not have to do that on your own but you also have to know about it in case of emergency.

You need to know about the places where you can land a helicopter safely and also you need to ask about any kinds of rules of your government in this regard. If you get caught while landing the helicopter at a restricted place then you have to pay the fine or you may also get the imprisonment too. You need to be careful about it and ask properly what is necessary and they also provide you some basic information related to this issue. Never go to hire a helicopter when you are not sure about these things or go with hiring a pilot too and some extra amount for that instead of paying the fine it is better to pay to the helicopter services.